Affogato — the best and simplest dessert ever!

The Italians are really good at food and desserts, and it’s all about simplicity and flavour. And Affogato is probably one of the best and simplest desserts you can make! Many people think you have to spend hours in the kitchen and use 2o ingredients to make something delicious and pretty that will impress your guests.Read more

Delicious Norwegian waffles with maple syrup and buttermilk

If you know any Norwegians, or maybe you’ve been to Norway, then you know about waffles. Norwegians love waffles. Love. With capital L. Probably captial O, V and E as well. It’s basically a national dish. Everywhere you go, you will find waffles. Grabbing a coffee at a local café? Waffles. Skiing in the mountainsRead more

Want to make the softest and best pancakes ever? Here they are!

I like to think that I have a pretty decent grasp on what a good pancake should be like. I mean, I’ve eaten a fair few. Some were really good, some not so good. I’ve made them myself a lot, and I’ve had breakfast at iHop more times than I should. I know pancakes, and I loveRead more

This is definitely the best seasalt caramel sauce ever!

If your Christmas is anything like ours, there’s no lack of cakes, sweets and candy during the holidays. There’s my mum’s traditional cookies, gingerbread cookies, german cookies, Sarah Bernhard and lots of candy and chocolate. Normally my mum does all the baking for Christmas (phew!), but the last few years I’ve started bringing caramel withRead more

Hard caramel with vanilla and seasalt

I’m a big fan of making and giving edible Christmas presents, because if we’re honest, most of us already have everything we need, so instead of spending money buying something I like to make something. I think it’s a lot more personal and thoughtful. It’s something you actually took the time to make. Edible giftsRead more

Salty and airy whipped pancake butter

If you’ve ever eaten pancakes at iHop or a diner in America, you’ve probably had a really delicious and yummy breakfast. I mean… Pancake ♥ The thick, soft, fluffy pancakes, topped with fresh berries and a big swig of sweet maple syrup. Oh, and a dollop of really, really good butter. You know the airy salty butterRead more

Creepy chocolate cake with spider web for Halloween

Halloween is a really big deal in a lot of countries, and it’s getting more and more popular here in Norway as well. Problably inevitable and not very strange since we’re surrounded by American films and TV-shows, and after Pinterest came along it’s spreading even more. Of course we also want to be able toRead more

Chai latte waffles

Sometimes I get brilliant ideas. At least I think so myself. I’m pretty sure this is one of those ideas. I mean, putting chai flavours in waffles sounds pretty epic, if you ask me. You know anything with chai in it will be mindblowing delicious. And these totally were.  I fell in love with the chaiRead more

Homemade blueberry sauce

If you live somewhere near nature where you can go and pick blueberries, you should really get your boots on and get out there! Here in Norway there’s lots of blueberries (and other berries) during fall, and I’ve always thought I need to get out there and pick some. But I never managed to actuallyRead more

Pancakes with whipped egg whites

I love pancakes for breakfast. Love, love, love. But not the traditional, thin pancakes we in Europe normally call pancakes. You know, the french ones called crêpes. No. I need the American pancakes. The thick, soft fluffy ones, covered in syrup and fresh berries, and I won’t say no to a piece of bacon orRead more

Bun cake with egg custard filling

I love desserts. Cakes, buns, ice cream, what ever. I love it. (Maybe a bit too much. Okay. No maybes.) But if I had to chose just one thing, I think things made from sweet dough would be my favourite. In Norway we call it «gjærbakst», which means things made with yeast. There’ just somethingRead more