Delicious Norwegian waffles with maple syrup and buttermilk

If you know any Norwegians, or maybe you’ve been to Norway, then you know about waffles. Norwegians love waffles. Love. With capital L. Probably captial O, V and E as well. It’s basically a national dish. Everywhere you go, you will find waffles. Grabbing a coffee at a local café? Waffles. Skiing in the mountainsRead more

Chai latte waffles

Sometimes I get brilliant ideas. At least I think so myself. I’m pretty sure this is one of those ideas. I mean, putting chai flavours in waffles sounds pretty epic, if you ask me. You know anything with chai in it will be mindblowing delicious. And these totally were.  I fell in love with the chaiRead more

Pink whole wheat waffles for Valentine’s Day

Pink whole wheat waffles

Valentine’s Day hasn’t become as huge in Norway as it is in USA or many other countries. I have to admit I’m quite allright with that, because I’m not a big fan of this day. I prefer the more every day kind of romance than the big all out on Valentine’s Day thing. Like, whenRead more

Scandinavian chocolate waffles 

Just like the Belgians love their waffles, Norwegians love these thin, Scandinavian ones. You won’t find a single Norwegian out skiing without these waiting back at the cabin. Seriously. Oh, and if you go to a Norwegian seaman’s church anywhere in the world, I can guarantee you they will be serving these waffles with strawberryRead more

Norwegian waffles, a classic dessert!

This truly is a classic dessert in Norway. If we are born with skis on our feet (which you know we are), then we are also born with a waffle in our hand! It’s the most common dessert on a Sunday during winter, go to any of the cabins around the slopes around in Norway, andRead more