How to make a football cake for your superfan friend!

Football is a really popular sport here in Norway, but did you know that it’s actually not the Norwegian league that’s most popular? Believe it or not, but it’s actually Premier League, the English football league! We just love English football, and Norwegians are the largest fanbase for English football in the world, outside England. Read more

Impressive and moist carrot cake that is easier to make than you think!

Yesterday I learned that a guy I know doesn’t like carrot cake.  Say what? He doesn’t like carrot cake! Is that even possible? I’m not sure I can trust this person ever again! 😜 I mean, carrot cake is one of the most delicious cakes out there, right? The cake is moist and full of flavour,Read more

Cute Christening cake with elephants and flags

In the last year or two I’ve gone from just baking and learning at home by myself, to actually making cakes for other people. It’s quite a scary difference, actually! I mean, when I’m just fiddling around at home, it’s not really a big deal, but when you actually make something that someone is lookingRead more

Creepy chocolate cake with spider web for Halloween

Halloween is a really big deal in a lot of countries, and it’s getting more and more popular here in Norway as well. Problably inevitable and not very strange since we’re surrounded by American films and TV-shows, and after Pinterest came along it’s spreading even more. Of course we also want to be able toRead more

How to make a Minion cake – with pictures

Novelty cakes are becoming very popular, it doesn’t matter if it’s your child turning one or your wedding. People want fun and amazing cakes, it’s part of the entertainment now. Some of the cakes being made out there are just ridiculously crazy advanced, I get dizzy just thinking about making them. But there are stillRead more

Bun cake with egg custard filling

I love desserts. Cakes, buns, ice cream, what ever. I love it. (Maybe a bit too much. Okay. No maybes.) But if I had to chose just one thing, I think things made from sweet dough would be my favourite. In Norway we call it «gjærbakst», which means things made with yeast. There’ just somethingRead more

Chocolate cake with a hidden layer of white chocolate mousse

Spring and summer is very much the season of wonderful cakes, there’s so much to celebrate! Maybe you’ve got a wedding coming up? Or a birthday, Christening or communion? Or maybe just a good old summer party? What ever the occation, you need a wonderful cake. And while a lot of us have a favouriteRead more

The best brownies you’ll ever eat

In Norway we’re big fans of something called dugnad. Never heard of it you say? Well, apparently there’s no English word for it, it gets translated to volunteer. But that’s not really correct. It means so much more. It’s something deeply rooted in the Norwegian soul and society. According to Wiki: Dugnad is a NorwegianRead more

Swedish sticky chocolate cake

The Swedes. I mean. If someone knows how to enjoy themselves and some cake, it’s the Swedes. Did you know they actually have their own word for it? It’s called fika. That means to sit down and eat cake, drink coffee and just talk and relax. It’s my favourite word ☺ They have several dishesRead more

Chocolate espresso cake – the perfect combo!

You know when you’re eating cake, and you take a sip of your coffee, and it’s just YUM. It takes it to yet another level, the cake suddenly tastes even better. That’s because coffee flavour and cake goes so well together, it really is the perfect match.  So it goes without saying that a chocolateRead more

My 10 most popular blogposts in 2014

My blog is getting more followers and readers every day, and that makes me so happy! I love doing this, getting to share recipes, test and other stuff with you guys. You push me to get better, every day! Another year has gone by (seriously, where did it go??), and I’ve posted quite a fewRead more