Affogato — the best and simplest dessert ever!

The Italians are really good at food and desserts, and it’s all about simplicity and flavour. And Affogato is probably one of the best and simplest desserts you can make! Many people think you have to spend hours in the kitchen and use 2o ingredients to make something delicious and pretty that will impress your guests.Read more

Homemade cinnamon ice cream

I love ice cream. I’m not afraid to admit it! I’m happy as a five year old when I eat ice cream. When I was a kid my neighbour actually worked at the ice cream factory in my town. It’s one of the largest one in the country, still is, and thankfully my parents knewRead more

Lime sorbet with beer

Lime is so refreshing, especially during the warm summer months. If you want a healthier version of ice cream to enjoy, you should try a sorbet. There’s no milk or cream in it, so it’s also suitable if you’re lactose intolerant. Also, there’s no need for an ice cream maker! I found this recipe inRead more