How to make a fondant bow tie for your cake

    Lately I’ve been trying to learn more, specifically about cake covered with fondant or marzipan. It’s something that looks really fun, but I have discovered, is also quite hard to get pretty. It’s easy enough to just cover a cake and call it a day, but getting it smooth, straight, without bumps andRead more

Christening cake with bow and teddy bears

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but the last year I’ve been pushing my self and doing more advanced stuff, like fondant cakes or cakes with marzipan. This is completely new to me, so I’ve found it quite challenging. But it’s fun to learn, and actually see that I’m getting better (lol, you should have seen theRead more

How to make your own vanilla sugar

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavours out there, especially when it comes to baked goods. And no wonder, since it’s so good! Vanilla actually comes from the orchid family, it is an orchid flower called Vanilla. If you see a picture of the flower, you will see that is has just as beautifulRead more