Affogato — the best and simplest dessert ever!

The Italians are really good at food and desserts, and it’s all about simplicity and flavour. And Affogato is probably one of the best and simplest desserts you can make! Many people think you have to spend hours in the kitchen and use 2o ingredients to make something delicious and pretty that will impress your guests.Read more

Eight really great meringue recipes

I love making meringue. It’s just fun! Yes, really, fun! I know a lot of people find it can be difficult, but that’s kind of what makes it fun! You need to be in the moment and pay attention, but if you do that, it’s usually smooth sailing. How to get the perfect meringue >>Read more

Chocolate espresso cake – the perfect combo!

You know when you’re eating cake, and you take a sip of your coffee, and it’s just YUM. It takes it to yet another level, the cake suddenly tastes even better. That’s because coffee flavour and cake goes so well together, it really is the perfect match.  So it goes without saying that a chocolateRead more

Brownie cookies with espresso filling

Dads. There’s just something really special with dads. They’re the best. They’re always there, supporting and helping, and very rarely ask for anything in return. I can’t even count the number of times my dad has helped me redecorate, put up a new kitchen, fitted a new lamp, carried boxes in and out of newRead more

Meringue with mocha and espresso

I love meringue. Looove. They are just heavenly! I really can’t get enough. You know when you take that first bite, and they’re crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside… AH! Give me strength! Meringue actually comes in different shapes and sizes. Meringue doesn’t have to mean a big Pavlova, itRead more

Vanilla cupcakes with espresso frosting

Vanilla and coffee is like a magical pairing. It goes so well together, it’s rather crazy! So pairing vanilla cupcakes with coffee flavoured frosting just seemed to make perfect sense. I know you agree. Right?