How to make Vietnamese iced coffee – so good and a bit different!

I’ve never been to Vietnam (at least not yet  😉), but I still love Vietnamese iced coffee! It’s quite different from the regular iced coffee we normally buy, where they use normal milk. In Vietnam they use sweetened condensed milk to make iced coffee! I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it might have something toRead more

Cold brew coffee — my new favourite iced coffee perfect for summer!

Have you ever tasted cold brew coffee? The first time I heard about it was last year, when we were on summer holiday in Los Angeles in California. We went to a local Starbucks for some cold drinks in the summer heat, and they just started serving something called cold brew coffee. I didn’t reallyRead more

Affogato — the best and simplest dessert ever!

The Italians are really good at food and desserts, and it’s all about simplicity and flavour. And Affogato is probably one of the best and simplest desserts you can make! Many people think you have to spend hours in the kitchen and use 2o ingredients to make something delicious and pretty that will impress your guests.Read more

Mocha cupcakes with raspberry frosting

This summer won’t go down in history as the hottest or sunniest here in Norway, that’s for sure… Been mostly cold and rainy! What a difference a year makes. Last year we had 34 degrees C and so many sunny days it was like we lived somewhere nice, like Spain. This year is more back toRead more

Chocolate espresso cake – the perfect combo!

You know when you’re eating cake, and you take a sip of your coffee, and it’s just YUM. It takes it to yet another level, the cake suddenly tastes even better. That’s because coffee flavour and cake goes so well together, it really is the perfect match.  So it goes without saying that a chocolateRead more

The simplest and most delicious iced coffee!

Are you ready for the simplest and most delicious and iced coffee you will ever make?  When it’s so nice and warm as it is here in Oslo these days, all I want to do is sit on my veranda and sip some iced coffee. I can’t wait for summer! Get more drink recipes here >>Read more

Mocha cupcakes with mocha frosting

Some people (so called trend experts) are trying to tell me that cupcakes are out. They’re not trendy anymore. People don’t want them anymore. I don’t buy it. I can tell on my blog that you guys still have a lot of love for cupcakes and muffins, and I think these so called experts can justRead more

Delicious and easy iced mocha, perfect on warm summer days

Delicious and easy iced mocha is what summers are all about, right?  I love summer. Partly because I get to wear dresses, eat ice and go swimming. But also because then I can drink iced coffee. I looove iced coffee. Seriously. However, buying from the local coffee shop every day (yes, I drink it everyRead more

Cake with coffee and walnuts

I don’t use nuts a lot when I bake. There’s not really any reason for it. Not any good ones anyway 😉 I’m actually quite fond of nuts, so I should use them more when I bake! I found this cake in the book from the girls in Primrose Bakery in London, who themselves againRead more