This is definitely the best seasalt caramel sauce ever!

If your Christmas is anything like ours, there’s no lack of cakes, sweets and candy during the holidays. There’s my mum’s traditional cookies, gingerbread cookies, german cookies, Sarah Bernhard and lots of candy and chocolate. Normally my mum does all the baking for Christmas (phew!), but the last few years I’ve started bringing caramel withRead more

Hard caramel with vanilla and seasalt

I’m a big fan of making and giving edible Christmas presents, because if we’re honest, most of us already have everything we need, so instead of spending money buying something I like to make something. I think it’s a lot more personal and thoughtful. It’s something you actually took the time to make. Edible giftsRead more

Six edible Christmas presents

If you want to give some really cute and personal presents, for instance to your colleagues or mother in law, edible presents are always a big hit. People appreciate it in a different way, because they know you’ve made it yourself, and it’s something you put a lot of effort into. Another advantage is ofRead more

Soft toffee caramel with seasalt

Are you a big fan of giving edible Christmas gifts? I am. I think it’s so fun! Most people already have everything they need, so I like to give something a bit more personal, and something I took the time to make that shows them I care. Especially when giving gifts to friends or colleagues,Read more

Salted caramel chocolate tart

You know when you’ve got a big occation coming up, and you want to serve something that looks quite special and different? I mean, don’t get me wrong, a chocolate cake or carrot cake is never wrong. It’s still cake. But sometimes it’s fun to serve something that will make people go “wow” when youRead more

Crunchy caramel popcorn 

This is like the best popcorn – ever! I remember the first time I tried caramel popcorn, I was in Holland and had never seen it before. Needless to say, I got hooked. It really is THAT good. I’m not really that fond of regular popcorn, it’s just a bit blah, really. But with that caramelRead more

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel sauce

It’s getting cold and dark outside, and I hate it! I really can’t stand the winter. At least here in Norway it’s so long, dark and cold, and there’s nothing to do. Unless you love skiing. Which I don’t. So, the only thing left to do is sit inside and try to make the bestRead more