Bun cake with egg custard filling

I love desserts. Cakes, buns, ice cream, what ever. I love it. (Maybe a bit too much. Okay. No maybes.) But if I had to chose just one thing, I think things made from sweet dough would be my favourite. In Norway we call it «gjærbakst», which means things made with yeast. There’ just somethingRead more

Delicious cinnamon buns

Here in Norway cinnamon buns are hugely popular. We learn how to make them at school, and then we just keep on making them because we can’t get enough. They’re called different things, depending on where in the country you live, but the recipe and the flavour is the same. Ah, a cinnamon bun and cappuccinoRead more

British hot cross buns for Easter

Want to be proper English? Then you need to be making hot cross buns for Easter. I remember when I lived in England a few years ago, the buns where everywhere! The shops were filled with them when Easter was nearing. Get more recipes here >> They are traditionally served on Good Friday. And theRead more

Soft, delicious Norwegian sweet buns. Or boller, as we call it

We Norwegians loves us some soft, delicious sweet buns, did you know? 😉 No, but seriously, these buns are a classic in Norway. You get them in every gas station, store and bakery, and a lot of parents make them when they have to bring something to school or a birthday party. The classic bun (bolle)Read more