Want to make the softest and best pancakes ever? Here they are!

I like to think that I have a pretty decent grasp on what a good pancake should be like. I mean, I’ve eaten a fair few. Some were really good, some not so good. I’ve made them myself a lot, and I’ve had breakfast at iHop more times than I should. I know pancakes, and I loveRead more

Salty and airy whipped pancake butter

If you’ve ever eaten pancakes at iHop or a diner in America, you’ve probably had a really delicious and yummy breakfast. I mean… Pancake ♥ The thick, soft, fluffy pancakes, topped with fresh berries and a big swig of sweet maple syrup. Oh, and a dollop of really, really good butter. You know the airy salty butterRead more

Pancakes with whipped egg whites

I love pancakes for breakfast. Love, love, love. But not the traditional, thin pancakes we in Europe normally call pancakes. You know, the french ones called crêpes. No. I need the American pancakes. The thick, soft fluffy ones, covered in syrup and fresh berries, and I won’t say no to a piece of bacon orRead more

Kesam pancakes with blueberries

For me, nothing says hello weekend like a breakfast table with freshly made kesam pancakes. There’s just something about a stack of pancakes waiting for you. Even though it’s not the healthiest thing you can have for breakfast, I’m a firm believer in the fact that weekends are weekends, and you should enjoy yourself as bestRead more

Gingerbread pancakes – a taste of Christmas for breakfast

So, when you love both pancakes and Christmas as much as I do, it’s almost magical when those two words can actually be put in the same sentence. I grew up with my grandma making the typical European/French skinny pancakes, which is called crepe (or just pannekake in Norwegian), but I’m actually more fond of theRead more

Delicious weekend breakfast pancakes with strawberries

Pancakes is like, the love of my life. If you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you’ll know by now that I’m addicted to pancakes. I have serveral different recipes here on the blog, and we eat pancakes for breakfast most weekends. We’ve got a pretty neat arrangement for weekend breakfasts. While the Man friesRead more

Whole wheat pancakes with ricotta and blueberries

In Norway, we are used to making crepes. You know, the thin pancakes. Those are what I grew up with, and they can be delicious, no doubt. I mean, it’s pancakes! But, I have to say, american style pancakes are even better. The thick and airy pancakes, with berries, bacon and maple syrup, served withRead more

Chocolate chip pancakes – the perfect weekend breakfast!

I love weekends. Who doesn’t? Just lying in bed until you wake up, no alarm scaring the shit out of you. No hurry getting out of bed when you do wake up. And the most delicious breakfasts which you actually have time to enjoy. Ah… Here in Europe the thin pancakes called crepes are theRead more

Kesam with fresh berries for breakfast

Not everyone loves breakfast. I actually do, and at least here in Norway, breakfast quite often consists of an open faced sandwich with cheese or something on. And sometimes a slice of bread with cheese is the best thing ever. When the bread is freshly baked, and you’re starving, for instance. But sometimes it isn’t.Read more

Soft and yummy British scones, and two tips for getting them perfect

I’m a breakfast girl, and I love, love, love bread and things made from dough. I am a carb lover all the way. I’m a big fan of bread, especially freshly out of the oven, served with some cheese and a cup of coffee. But British scones are actually even better than bread! Don’t youRead more