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House of Treats is a dessert blog for foodies, aspiring bakers and really just everyone who simply loves to make and eat delicious food. (I mean, who doesn’t??)

If you’re looking for amazing desserts made with chocolate, cakes you will want to eat alone in a corner without sharing, oh-mai-gawd-milkshakes and the best pancakes you will ever make, then you’re in the right place! ☺

I’m Lene, the journalist and foodie behind House of Treats. My goal is that you will find all my recipes doable and understandable. I don’t take anything for granted, I’ll always explain every step of the recipe, so that you’ll never be left feeling confused. I promise that you won’t say «how the heck do I do this?» once. Pinky swear!

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Hey, I’m Lene!

Lene Gunvaldsen 72 dpiBeing a journalist and designer, I have a big passion for creativity and expressing myself in different ways. Earlier I didn’t know how to use these skills and interests, but when I realized I could combine them with baking and eating, and also my love for photography, I felt I had found my thing. So I started blogging.

I first started this blog in 2012, and back then it was called Nytmat. I started on the Blogger platform, but, I didn’t like it, so, eventually I moved to WordPress, rebranded and renamed my blog to House of Treats, and here we are!

I know for sure I’ve gotten the baking bug from my mom and my dear late grandma. I always remember grandma being in the kitchen growing up, and she was the family birthday cake maker. Her old and battered, handwritten, well used cookbook is one of my favourite possesions ♥

I get inspired by a lot of different people and things around me, and my favourite show is «Masterchef Australia», because I really enjoy watching how they evolve, and feel that I actually evolve a bit with them. I get inspired by colours, seasons, things I see online and things I cook that leads me to new and even more exciting recipes.

I’m here to show you that baking can be both fun and easy, even if you’ve never even held a whisk in your hands before. With my help you will make fabulous, tasty desserts in no time. So, get your whisks out, and let’s do this! ☺

Let me know what you think!