Refreshing detox lemon and lime water – perfect for summer!

Lemons. How can such a small fruit pach so much flavour? It’s just so fresh and tasty!

And apparently lemons are also quite the wonderfruit. Lemon oil may be used in aromatherapy, where it doesn’t influence the human immune system in any way, but it may enhance mood. And the low pH of juice makes it antibacterial, and because of that it’s been used in medicine for hundreds of years.

And as if that’s not enough for such a small fruit, it’s also supposed to be good for your skin and to help detox, which means clean your system from inside.

Now, I don’t know if I believe this detox thing, I think the body is capable of cleaning itself just fine. But it can’t hurt to drink this water and hope for better skin at least, eh? 😉

Some people prefer to start their day with a glass of warm water and lemon, however, let’s just say that warm water isn’t my erh, cup of tea.

I prefer this version! Water with lemon and lime is so tasty! And adding fruits and vegs to water is an excellent way of staying hydrated during the warm summer months as well, so drink up!

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Detox lemon and lime water
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  1. 1 lemon
  2. 3 lime
  3. ice cubes
  4. water
  1. Slice the lemon and lime, and add to a pitcher or jug. Top up with water, and pop in the fridge to cool down. Once it's cold, add ice and serve! Ah, the freshness!
  1. You can vary how much lemon and lime you add, some like more, some want less flavour
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