Going to London? This is where you”ll get the best fish and chips!

Okay, so I should probably start by admitting that while I have eaten quite a lot of fish and chips in London, I haven’t been to every single place that serves it, so I can’t really say that it’s the best. 

But I can promise you that it’s the best I have ever eaten, and it’s dingetydang delicious!

Is there really anything more British than fish and chips? 

Fried fish with chips was actually Britains first fast food, and it was mentioned in Charles Dickens’ «Oliver Twist» all the way back in 1838. The first place selling fish and chips we know about opened in 1860!

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It’s generally made with cod, but you can get other types of white fish like haddock some places. It’s always served with chips, and you normally get ketchup, mayo, curry sauce, gravy and tartar sauce with it. Many places also serve it with mashed peas.

There are lots of restaurants serving fish and chips, but the most common places to get it are fish and chips shops called chippy. You’re very likely to hear a British person say «I’ll just pop down to the chippy».

They used to be served in newspapers, but they had to stop using newspaper pages because it turned out the ink isn’t very healthy. Imagine that 😂

Because there are so many places serving fish and chips, it can be quite difficult to know where you should go. I’m sure quite a few of those are pretty decent places, but there are quite a few horrible ones out there as well.

Luckily for you, I’ve eaten my way through the chippy jungle and found an amazing one for you, so you can just go eat some darn delicious food 😉

The best part is that it’s actually situated about 50 meters from the shopping mecca that is Oxford Street, where we all end up when visiting London. You can find it here!

So, what is this magical mystery fish and chips place?

Mayfair Chippy London (3)
YUM: One happy and hungry blogger at Mayfair Chippy.

It’s Mayfair Chippy

It can be quite a challenge finding decent food that close to a major tourism spot because the restaurants in these areas don’t have to serve good food. They’re not relying on repeat customers, their customers are tourists who will probably never be back.

That is why I was so happy to find this place, because it really was such a great break from shopping and all the crowds of Oxford street.

We went on a Friday, and we were there when they opened at noon. We got a table straight away. The restaurant isn’t very large, so I do think it can be a bit hard to get a table if you come in the middle of lunch rush. However, they do take aways if you need that.

The waiters were really friendly, helpful and answered all our questions.

They serve seafood like oysters as well, but fish and chips is definitely the main thing here. The most popular dish is the Mayfair Classic at £14.50. That buys you a big fish fillet, a decent portion of chips, mashed peas, tartar sauce and the choice between gravy and curry sauce.

The fish tasted realy fresh and the batter was tasty and crunchy. I’ve had some batters before which were soggy and tasteless, but this one was yummy! The mashed peas were good, the gravy was good, but the tartar sauce was amazing. So full of flavour, and a perfect accessory to the fish. I loved it! 

It really was a wonderful meal, and I highly recommend stopping by Mayfair Chippy next time you’re in London.

What’s your favourite London restaurant?

Let me know what you think!