How to make a Minion cake – with pictures

Novelty cakes are becoming very popular, it doesn’t matter if it’s your child turning one or your wedding. People want fun and amazing cakes, it’s part of the entertainment now.

Some of the cakes being made out there are just ridiculously crazy advanced, I get dizzy just thinking about making them. But there are still quite a few fun cakes you can make, even if you’re not an artist or pastry chef!

A friend’s son turned 4 the other day, and she wanted a fun sheet cake for the party. Seeing as Minions are really popular now, I suggested a Minion cake. You can make them 3D, but they are just as fun as a 2D sheet cake! And so much easier.

This cake isn’t very complicated, but it will take you a few hours in total. It needs cooling, needs a little time in the fridge and so on while you’re making it. But, I am confident you can make this cake, give it a try!

The cake is made with the recipe for this chocolate cake. Use the exact same measurements, but use a rectangle baking pan measuring 23*33 cm. Line it with parchment paper to make sure the cake will release without problems. Bake on 180 degrees C for 40-45 minutes.

The frosting is also from the same recipe, with one change. Skip the cocoa, and add one tsp of Wilton’s warm yellow gel colour.

If you do try, I would love-love-love to see the results! Post a picture on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram @houseoftreatsorg

Here’s how you make the cake, a guide with pictures:

Minion cake 1
STEP 1: Make the cake from the recipe, and while it’s in the oven you can start preparing some of the fondant pieces. If you are gonna add letters, make them. It’s always easier to remove fondant when it’s hard, so place in the freezer while you make the rest. You also need the eye. Use a round cookie cutter to make a circle of white fondant. Roll a small ball of black fondant and press it down a little. Place on the white circle. You need a silver ring around the eye, roll out white fondant and glue the ends together. Paint the ring with silver dust or silver food paint. Set aside.


Minion cake 2
STEP 2: Once the cake is done, let it rest in the pan and then on a wire rack until cool. Once it’s cool, cut the top of the cake to make it rounded. I just cut of the edges and rounded them off towards the centre, I didn’t take anything off the height of the cake. Be careful, do a little at a time so you don’t cut too much.
Minion cake 3
STEP 3: After you’ve cut the shape, do a crumb coat. Spread a thin layer of frosting over the cake and place in the fridge until it’s set, maybe 30 minutes. This will bind up all the crumbs on your cake, and make sure there aren’t any crumbs visible in your final layer. Once the crumb coat has set, do another layer of frosting, making it thick and smooth. Place in the fridge again, so it can set.
Minion cake 4
STEP 4: Once the frosting has set, start decorating the cake. Place the eye in the middle of the cake, but towards the top. Roll out two black strips and place on either side.
Minion cake 5
STEP 5: The pants are the hardest bit. If you can roll out one large piece and cut it into shape, then do so. I chose to divide into three parts. Start by making a piece for the middle. This has just straight edges. Then roll out a new pice, and make a straight side. Place this on the left of the piece already in place. Use a knife and gently mark where you want the curve to go. Remove the piece, place on the counter and cut along the mark. Put the piece back on, and make sure to press out air bubbles as best you can. Use something sharp to cut the edge where the cake meets the bottom. Repeat on the right side.
Minion cake 6
STEP 6: Make the finishing details. Make two long, blue pieces of fondant to make the pant holders. Place on the cake, and fasten with some edible glue or just normal water. Then I rolled a long piece of black fondant to make the mouth, and also some shorter ones to make the hair. Then I placed two strips of blue fondant over the seam in the pant, to hide it. To finish I placed the buttons I had made at the start and kept in the fridge over where the straps and the seams meet. Finally I painted the letters on the name bricks blue and placed them on the base, but there is no need for this unless you want to. Voilá! You did it 🙂

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