How to make a fondant bow tie for your cake

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EASY: This bow is actually easier than it looks to make! Finish off with a band around the cake in the same colour.



Lately I’ve been trying to learn more, specifically about cake covered with fondant or marzipan. It’s something that looks really fun, but I have discovered, is also quite hard to get pretty. It’s easy enough to just cover a cake and call it a day, but getting it smooth, straight, without bumps and cracks, that’s the hard part.

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A few weeks ago I made a Christening cake for my cousin’s son. It was quite scary, but it turned out allright.

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ONE HALF: Wrap the piece around some paper or something else, squeeze the ends together to make it look like fabric, and let it harden. Do the same with the other half. Then join the two pieces together, and wrap another piece of fondant or marzipan around the joint. Voila!

For that cake, I made a bow. And here I’ll show you how to make that bow. It’s actually one of the more easy parts! This bow can of course be scaled up or down, to fit a cupcake, for instance.

Start by getting a piece of marzipan or fondant the colour you want the bow to be. Roll it out in the shape of a rectangle, until it’s the desired thickness. It should be quite thin, but not so thin that it can’t support itself.

Use a pizza wheel or something similar, and cut along the long side, to make a straight edge. Then figure out how wide you want your bow, and cut along the other side.

The strip you’re left with is what will become your bow. It can be for instance 4 centimeter wide, but that again depends on how big you want the bow.

Find the middle of the strip, and cut in half so you have two equal lenghts. Get a piece of paper, a small rolling pin or something else with the right diameter, and wrap the halves around it, securing the ends together.

Squeeze the ends a bit together, to make it look like fabric gathering. Let these sit for a while, so they harden a bit.

When they’re set, place them together, the ends in towards eachother. You can place the ends a bit on top of eachother, to make sure theys stick togehter. This will create the bow.

Now you need the piece in the middle, that wraps around the ends you just stuck together. Get more marzipan or fondant. Roll out to the same thickness, and cut out a straight piece, the same way you did with the bows.

It will be shorter than the bows, it should just cover the joint. Place it over the middle, and use your fingers to squeeze it a bit together at the top and bottow, creating folds that will make it look like fabric.

Once you’ve done that, you’re all set and ready to place it on the cake! Yay!

Please leave a comment if anything was unclear, I’d love to help you!

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