Mercado de San Miguel food market in Madrid

I love Spain, it’s such a nice country to visit. The weather is warm and sunny, the people are kind and they all love food. My kind of people! Last year we went to Barcelona, which is a really nice city. This summer we went to Madrid, which I have to say, is an evenRead more

Bun cake with egg custard filling

I love desserts. Cakes, buns, ice cream, what ever. I love it. (Maybe a bit too much. Okay. No maybes.) But if I had to chose just one thing, I think things made from sweet dough would be my favourite. In Norway we call it «gjærbakst», which means things made with yeast. There’ just somethingRead more

Chocolate cake with a hidden layer of white chocolate mousse

Spring and summer is very much the season of wonderful cakes, there’s so much to celebrate! Maybe you’ve got a wedding coming up? Or a birthday, Christening or communion? Or maybe just a good old summer party? What ever the occation, you need a wonderful cake. And while a lot of us have a favouriteRead more

Kesam pancakes with blueberries

For me, nothing says hello weekend like a breakfast table with freshly made kesam pancakes. There’s just something about a stack of pancakes waiting for you. Even though it’s not the healthiest thing you can have for breakfast, I’m a firm believer in the fact that weekends are weekends, and you should enjoy yourself as bestRead more

Review of activity band Fitbit Charge HR

(This is not a sponsored post) The product: I bought and tested the Fitbit Charge HR. HR means it’s got a heart rate monitor, meaning it’s measuring your pulse. The Fitbit comes in four colours: black, purple, blue and red. The purple is more or less sold out everywhere, so I bought the black version.Read more

How to make my grandma’s egg custard

  You know those wonderful, delicious buns that are filled with a soft cream so good you wish you could just eat the cream? That cream is called egg custard. You can use it on top of a sweet bun, or to fill a bun. You can top a Danish with egg custard, or youRead more

Eight really great meringue recipes

I love making meringue. It’s just fun! Yes, really, fun! I know a lot of people find it can be difficult, but that’s kind of what makes it fun! You need to be in the moment and pay attention, but if you do that, it’s usually smooth sailing. How to get the perfect meringue >>Read more

15 fresh summer drinks you can make at home

Do you have a favourite drink you grab as soon as the sun’s out? I do. I’m addicted to iced coffee. For real. It’s a mental thing, as soon as the sun comes out and I can strip down to a cami and chill out, I’m reaching for iced latte. I crave it! However, buyingRead more

Wonderfully tasty lemon meringue

I love making meringue. It’s fun! There’s so many different ways to make it. You can add different flavours, like lemon, liquorice or vanilla. Or you can add colour, either completely colour them or a striped effect. You can even top them with cake sprinkles, like I’ve done here. You can eat them just likeRead more

The best brownies you’ll ever eat

In Norway we’re big fans of something called dugnad. Never heard of it you say? Well, apparently there’s no English word for it, it gets translated to volunteer. But that’s not really correct. It means so much more. It’s something deeply rooted in the Norwegian soul and society. According to Wiki: Dugnad is a NorwegianRead more

Rocky road fudge with walnuts

WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the number of kilos you will gain if you make this Rocky Road fudge. I was actually warned by two friends when I shared a photo of me making this fudge. Don’t do it, they said. I know why, now… You will eat this whole thing yourself. YouRead more