How to make Vietnamese iced coffee – so good and a bit different!

I’ve never been to Vietnam (at least not yet  😉), but I still love Vietnamese iced coffee! It’s quite different from the regular iced coffee we normally buy, where they use normal milk. In Vietnam they use sweetened condensed milk to make iced coffee! I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it might have something toRead more

Cold brew coffee — my new favourite iced coffee perfect for summer!

Have you ever tasted cold brew coffee? The first time I heard about it was last year, when we were on summer holiday in Los Angeles in California. We went to a local Starbucks for some cold drinks in the summer heat, and they just started serving something called cold brew coffee. I didn’t reallyRead more

Affogato — the best and simplest dessert ever!

The Italians are really good at food and desserts, and it’s all about simplicity and flavour. And Affogato is probably one of the best and simplest desserts you can make! Many people think you have to spend hours in the kitchen and use 2o ingredients to make something delicious and pretty that will impress your guests.Read more

Try a classic British afternoon tea — with an Indian twist!

The Brits have been enjoying their afternoon tea ever since the rich and wealthy started doing it in the 1840’s. It started out as just tea, but the Dutchess of Bedford became hungry, and realised serving food with the tea was a great idea.  Traditionally afternoon tea consists of a selection of teas, sandwhiches with cucumber, eggRead more

Going to London? This is where you”ll get the best fish and chips!

Okay, so I should probably start by admitting that while I have eaten quite a lot of fish and chips in London, I haven’t been to every single place that serves it, so I can’t really say that it’s the best.  But I can promise you that it’s the best I have ever eaten, andRead more

How to make a football cake for your superfan friend!

Football is a really popular sport here in Norway, but did you know that it’s actually not the Norwegian league that’s most popular? Believe it or not, but it’s actually Premier League, the English football league! We just love English football, and Norwegians are the largest fanbase for English football in the world, outside England. Read more

Impressive and moist carrot cake that is easier to make than you think!

Yesterday I learned that a guy I know doesn’t like carrot cake.  Say what? He doesn’t like carrot cake! Is that even possible? I’m not sure I can trust this person ever again! 😜 I mean, carrot cake is one of the most delicious cakes out there, right? The cake is moist and full of flavour,Read more

Delicious Norwegian waffles with maple syrup and buttermilk

If you know any Norwegians, or maybe you’ve been to Norway, then you know about waffles. Norwegians love waffles. Love. With capital L. Probably captial O, V and E as well. It’s basically a national dish. Everywhere you go, you will find waffles. Grabbing a coffee at a local café? Waffles. Skiing in the mountainsRead more

Cute Christening cake with elephants and flags

In the last year or two I’ve gone from just baking and learning at home by myself, to actually making cakes for other people. It’s quite a scary difference, actually! I mean, when I’m just fiddling around at home, it’s not really a big deal, but when you actually make something that someone is lookingRead more

Want to make the softest and best pancakes ever? Here they are!

I like to think that I have a pretty decent grasp on what a good pancake should be like. I mean, I’ve eaten a fair few. Some were really good, some not so good. I’ve made them myself a lot, and I’ve had breakfast at iHop more times than I should. I know pancakes, and I loveRead more

This is definitely the best seasalt caramel sauce ever!

If your Christmas is anything like ours, there’s no lack of cakes, sweets and candy during the holidays. There’s my mum’s traditional cookies, gingerbread cookies, german cookies, Sarah Bernhard and lots of candy and chocolate. Normally my mum does all the baking for Christmas (phew!), but the last few years I’ve started bringing caramel withRead more