10 Christmas presents perfect for a food blogger

It can be pretty difficult to find good presents to family and friends. Most of us have everything we need these days.  I’m actually pretty good at buying Christmas presents myself, because I tend to notice when people mention stuff they need, even if it’s in March, and then I remember it when Christmas comes around. Read more

How to beat your meringue

Trial and error is a big part of baking and making food, and even the best cooks and chefs get it wrong from time to time. However, I believe failing is OK, as long as you learn something from it! Which is what I did when I tried to make these meringue nests I foundRead more

Download my free meal planner

I try to eat healthy, but it can be hard. Especially when you’re in the store after work, and your stomach is growling like ten angry lions. If you’re anything like me, then you easily grab something quick and easy, which unfortunately also quite often means not very healthy… So to try to eat healthier,Read more

10 facts about me

    I don’t normally reveal too much about myself when I blog, but I thought maybe I’d let you get to know me a little bit. I think maybe I feel a bit more comfortable now than when I started blogging. In the beginning I was really intent on just focusing on the food.Read more

Photography class — don’t get too close!

As we’ve talked about previously, good photos are a must for a food blog, but food photography can be quite difficult. The aim is that the photo will enhance the food, make delicious food look even more delicious. You want the reader to look at the picture and say «yum»! But there are a lotRead more

Photography class — don’t use your flash

      One of the things that helps make a blog popular, is beautiful pictures that makes the food look really delicious and tempting. Excellent photos are so important, maybe even more important than you realize. Just take a minute to think about it. Notice what catches your eye when you’re on Instagram, whatRead more

My 10 most popular blogposts in 2014

My blog is getting more followers and readers every day, and that makes me so happy! I love doing this, getting to share recipes, test and other stuff with you guys. You push me to get better, every day! Another year has gone by (seriously, where did it go??), and I’ve posted quite a fewRead more

How to make a fondant bow tie for your cake

    Lately I’ve been trying to learn more, specifically about cake covered with fondant or marzipan. It’s something that looks really fun, but I have discovered, is also quite hard to get pretty. It’s easy enough to just cover a cake and call it a day, but getting it smooth, straight, without bumps andRead more

Five iHerb favourites

I buy a lot of stuff at iHerb because there’s such a big and fantastic selection, and many of these things are either not available in Norway or they cost a lot. Si iHerb is my friend ☺ Get more tips here >> If you’re a new customer to iHerb, you can use my discount codeRead more

Christening cake with bow and teddy bears

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but the last year I’ve been pushing my self and doing more advanced stuff, like fondant cakes or cakes with marzipan. This is completely new to me, so I’ve found it quite challenging. But it’s fun to learn, and actually see that I’m getting better (lol, you should have seen theRead more

Three kinds of meringue – Swiss, Italian and French

Meringue is incredibly popular, I can tell by what people search for on my blog. Lots of people just love a pavlova covered with fresh berries during summer, or using meringue to cover cupcakes. But did you know that there are actually three different kinds of meringue? Italian meringue The most stable of all theRead more