How to make Vietnamese iced coffee – so good and a bit different!

I’ve never been to Vietnam (at least not yet  😉), but I still love Vietnamese iced coffee! It’s quite different from the regular iced coffee we normally buy, where they use normal milk. In Vietnam they use sweetened condensed milk to make iced coffee! I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it might have something toRead more

Cold brew coffee — my new favourite iced coffee perfect for summer!

Have you ever tasted cold brew coffee? The first time I heard about it was last year, when we were on summer holiday in Los Angeles in California. We went to a local Starbucks for some cold drinks in the summer heat, and they just started serving something called cold brew coffee. I didn’t reallyRead more

Strawberry mint smoothie, perfect on lazy summer days!

It’s July, and we’ve used the grill once. Been to the beach once. Seriously, where is the summer? I don’t know about you, maybe you’re lucky and live somewhere really nice and warm (if you do, I’m envious!), but here in Norway there hasn’t really been much summer to talk about. Here it’s been more likeRead more

15 fresh summer drinks you can make at home

Do you have a favourite drink you grab as soon as the sun’s out? I do. I’m addicted to iced coffee. For real. It’s a mental thing, as soon as the sun comes out and I can strip down to a cami and chill out, I’m reaching for iced latte. I crave it! However, buyingRead more

Five winter drinks to keep you warm

Winter can be cold, and I am so not a fan. Seriously. Winter scminter. However, if I must give you one positive about winter, it must be that I can curl ip on the sofa, drink something nice and watch «Home and Away» all day. Here are five warming winter drinks that will make youRead more

Refreshing detox lemon and lime water – perfect for summer!

Lemons. How can such a small fruit pach so much flavour? It’s just so fresh and tasty! And apparently lemons are also quite the wonderfruit. Lemon oil may be used in aromatherapy, where it doesn’t influence the human immune system in any way, but it may enhance mood. And the low pH of juice makes it antibacterial, and because of thatRead more

Get a healthy start on the day with juice with apple and carrot

Getting a healthy start on the day is so much easier and tastier with juice with apple and carrot! Drinking your fruit and vegetables can be a good way of getting more vitamins. A lot of people don’t like the taste of vegetables, but when you juice them together with fruit, they instantly taste a lotRead more

Capture summer in a glass with this juice with strawberry and watermelon

Making juice and taking advantage of the fresh fruits during summer is a must. They are bursting with flavour, and there’s so much to choose from. Making your own juice is also so easy and healthy if you have a juice machine. What’s better than enjoying a colourful, healthy freshly made juice in the sun?Read more

Pineapple lemonade, perfect refresher on warm summer days!

Pineapples are made for summer! Pineapple lemonade really is the perfect refresher on warm summer days! I love just sitting in the sun, relaxing with a good book and a really tasty drink. And this pineapple lemonade really tastes like summer in a glass! Of course you need the real deal, a fresh pineapple, not a tinnedRead more

Ice cubes with fruit inside, a better solution to flavoured water

Some people just love water. Love love love. I don’t. I think it’s really boring and doesn’t really taste that good. I know the tap water here in Norway is really clean and tasty, we don’t need lots of chlorine to purify it or anything, so it is good. I just don’t like it. ButRead more

Fresh, healthy and delicious blueberry juice

Nothing like a freshly made glass of juice with your weekend breakfast, right? I’m a big fan of making my own juices. Firstly because then I get to add what ever I want, I’m not limited to what the manufacturer has chosen to sell me. Secondly because then I’m also in charge of what goesRead more