Mocha cupcakes with raspberry frosting

This summer won’t go down in history as the hottest or sunniest here in Norway, that’s for sure… Been mostly cold and rainy! What a difference a year makes. Last year we had 34 degrees C and so many sunny days it was like we lived somewhere nice, like Spain. This year is more back toRead more

Pretty purple lavender cupcakes

  I love purple. Love. It. I have a purple wall in my living room, and my bedroom used to be purple. My kitchen was also purple. But that was a bit too much. So I painted it grey. But obviously I knew I had to make some purple cupcakes when I scrolled down PinterestRead more

Lemon cupcakes with lemon curd filling

A lot of people are saying now that cupcakes are out, they’re not trendy anymore. Believe it or not, but there are actually trends in baking as well! After cupcakes had “their moment”, it was all about macaroons. Then it was the cronut. There’s always something new and fun to make and bake. However, I don’tRead more

How to get pretty cupcakes

If you take the time to make cupcakes, you probably want them to look as nice as possible, right? But a lot of times the cupcakes spill out over the liner when it’s baking, or it rises like mad and turns into a dome. Both can be quite difficult when you want to decorate withRead more

Vanilla cupcakes with Easter nest decoration

There’s not really that many desserts that are typical Easter, maybe except for the British traditional Hot cross buns. But that only means that you get to play around a bit and do what you want! 🙂 I decided to have som fun, and made these Easter nest cupcakes. They’re both adorable, easy to make andRead more

Rosewater cupcakes with marshmallow frosting

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you know you need to get your food colouring out. It’s time to go pink! 😉 I’ve previously made some white chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day, and they are great if you just want to make something small and easy. They’re also perfect little gifts. Get the recipe for chocolate heartsRead more

Vaniljecupcakes med marshmallowfrosting

(English version at the bottom) Cupcakes er alltid enkelt og greit og servere i selskap, så da nevøen min fylte ett år lagde jeg disse luftige vaniljemuffinsene. Jeg har forsøkt mange forskjellige oppskrifter, og er alltid på jakt etter nye favoritter, så denne gangen valgte jeg å prøve meg på en oppskrift fra den norskeRead more

How to add a striped effect to your frosting

Cupcakes are one of the most fun things to make, because you can be so creative! Colours, shapes, types of frosting, cupcake liners and so on, there’s no limit to what you can do! If you saw my blogpost on lemon cupcakes just before easter, you might have noticed that my cupcakes had a striped effect onRead more

Lemon cupcake with lemon frosting

I love matching what I make to the season, and when Easter is just around the corner it’s only natural that my cupcakes are yellow. Get more recipes here >> Also, lemon cupcakes and lemon frosting is delicius, so that doesn’t hurt either! Maybe you noticed my striped effect in the frosting? This is howRead more

Three kinds of cupcake frosting recipes – which do you prefer?

There are so many options when making cupcakes. Colour, size and flavour are just some of them. There are also heaps of frostings to choose from, here are three of the more basic cupcake frosting recipes: You can also use meringue frosting, check out these three >> I made some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to decorate,Read more

Vanilla cupcakes with espresso frosting

Vanilla and coffee is like a magical pairing. It goes so well together, it’s rather crazy! So pairing vanilla cupcakes with coffee flavoured frosting just seemed to make perfect sense. I know you agree. Right?