Creamy delicious success cake – a Norwegian favourite!

Success cake, creamy and delicious

In Norway we call this success cake, and it’s no coincidence, because this cake really is a success where ever you serve it! With it’s almond bottom and creamy, slightly sweet but tangy creamy top, it’s just irresistible! It’s a really popular and classic cake, very common on the cake table for Christenings, weddings andRead more

Blueberry and lemon loaf

This loaf is so quick and easy to make it’s ridiculous that it can be that tasty as well! Get more recipes here >> Serve with a fresh cup of tea or coffee.

Zesty lemon and coconut cake

I’m not really a big fan of coconut. I don’t like coconut chocolate, like Bounty. But I actually quite enjoyed this cake. I don’t know why really, maybe because, well. It’s cake. Cake can’t be wrong, no matter what cake it is, right? Coconut pairs well with lemon, and the cake is moist and soft.

Gingerbread brownies – perfect for Christmas!

So, I’ll agree that chocolate cake might not be what we associate most with Christmas, it’s not very common to serve a chocolate sheet cake or brownies for the holiday. Most of the things we serve and eat during Christmas is more cookies and desserts like rice cream, or perhaps candy. However, I’m just puttingRead more

My grandma’s apple cake

It’s fall outside, and you know what that means, don’t you? Apples galore! 😀 There’s so much wonderfully delicious things to make and bake when it’s apple season, and a must for me is this cake. This is my grandma’s apple cake, and it really is the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s soft like aRead more

Quick and easy chocolate cake in a cup

Sometimes you feel like making something complicated and awesome for dessert. Spend hours in the kitchen with loads of ingredients, feeling all Nigella. But sometimes you just want something quick and easy that tastes divine, right? Then this chocolate cake is is most definitely for you 🙂 It really doesn’t get much easier than serving cake inRead more

French cherry clafoutis

This is one of those cakes where the name makes you think it’s really complicated to make, but it’s actually really simple! Cherry clafoutis is a French dessert, it’s basically a cherry pie but with a dough that’s very similar to the European pancake dough (crepes, which is also French).

Pavlova — everyone’s favourite dessert

I remember the first time I tasted Pavlova. It was so good, I actually remember it. It was one of my best friend’s wedding a few years ago, and her sister in law had made it for the wedding. I had never really seen or tasted it before, but it looked really good, so IRead more

Easy cheesecake with raspberry swirl

Cheesecake with raspberry swirl. Can you say that without drooling? I can’t. *drooling all over the place* Cheesecake is one of those desserts where if I start eating, I can’t stop. It’s just that good. Therefore these mini portions are perfect. If I leave a large cheesecake in the fridge, it will be gone likeRead more

Cake with coffee and walnuts

I don’t use nuts a lot when I bake. There’s not really any reason for it. Not any good ones anyway 😉 I’m actually quite fond of nuts, so I should use them more when I bake! I found this cake in the book from the girls in Primrose Bakery in London, who themselves againRead more